Thursday, 12 February 2009

Procrastination strategies in the 25-30 age group

I blame one person for giving me that idea. But now, if I am ever short of blog ideas, all I have to do is click this and hey presto, a random blog idea will be generated to continue my procrastination.

Actually, yesterday was not a procrastination but a carefully planned blog based on the conversations of that day. I was also terrifically happy as I finally re-dd te two websites of mine.

The Babarouge website did not get a major change, just a clean-up. As a 'corporate site' it does its job well and so only needed minor updating.

The big job was the CWP site. That was a complete redesign of the site. I wanted to simplify it. The first CWP site was very complex featuring links, photos, forums, the whole lot. But in this incarnation, I decided to simplify the site. I also decided to reduce my reach and so while all the social networking accounts are still active, I have limited myself to advertising only four of them. This version of the CWP site is simple, functional and also concentrates on what I am doing next. 'Jay and Kay Save the World'.

So take a tour of the new CWP site. Tell me what you think and of course, if there are any mistakes, message me ASAP!

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