Sunday, 22 February 2009

Spam - Services and Products I really want:

Subject: Get rid of her.

Text: Nagging wife? We'll do the 'business' for you...


Subject: Real Viagra!

Text: F**k that herbal crap, we have ample stocks of...


Subject: Free Helicopter!

Text: Fly yourself to the mooon and back with our...


Subject: Fed up of doing the housework?

Text: Our new patented super-dooper cleaning machine...


Subject: Want to earn £47,000 per year? Dream on!

Text: Thats right, we're being honest, there is no such thing as easy...


Subject: Drive a choo-choo train!

Text: A big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine? Do you like soot? Then...


Subject: Yes, there is an easy way to cook chickpeas!

Text: Fed up of all that soaking, boiling, draining, re-boiling only to...


Subject: No more spam!

Text: Just click the delete button and all your spam worries will...


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