Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Valentine Blog

Mmm...this event bypasses a lot of people in London, while many others are loved up to death. But this is the first busy weekend of the year, the time when the bars, clubs and resturants can start to relax and depend on the endless trickle of punters that will now come swooping though their doors after the Post-Christmas fasting period. Shops can look forward to an endless supply of 'holidays' that include Mother's Day, Easter and the May Bank Holidays that encourage the consumer (not citizen) to spend, spend and spend some more!

(Sorry, my cynicism sometimes gets te better of me. These holidays are to express to our loved ones, our deepest felt emotions...)

But we are at Valentine's Day, an event that many people choose to ignore and an event that many people choose to partake in. So I wonder how this year will turn out. In the heady days of 2005, it was expected to wisk away on Eurostar to Paris for the day or to seek a 'lastminute' gift to your loved one. As a man, you had to prove that you loved your partner by getting wallet busting gifts.

(Why do you think we do this? It is the sex!)

But carnal pleasures aside, what now for this year's hapless couples wanting to prove that they love each other so much? Well, thi should be a boon year for retailers. Vamentine's falls on a weekend which means that a short break should be relatively easy to organise. It is sunny and the amount of 'discounts' available should allow for a day to treasure and remember forever!

(Feeling sick yet?)

All right, let us look at the year through the retailing calendar:

February: Valentine's Day marks the traditional beginnnig of weeked queues to car parks and the restuarant trade.
March/April: Easter combined with longer days - people get out!
May: Two three day weekends! Spend, spend, spend!
June: Sporting events, summer begins and time for boozing it up!
July/Aug: Take your two weeks in the sun! You and your credit card deserves it!
September: Oh look, new uniforms/stationary/kit for your kiddies to school!
October: It's Christmas.
November: It's Christmas!
January: F**k. Erm, we got to make something up about 'Happy Paying off your Credit Card Day'.

(I know this has nothing to do directly to do with Valentine's and loved up couples, but...)

Anyway to all and sundry, Happy Valentine's. (Just do not expect me to get conned by this one...)

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Captn Goldtop said...

If it makes you feel any better, there will be NO MORE Valentine's day, or Christmas or Bank Holiday Monday once we take over YOUR planet!!!

Ha Ha Ha! Stupid earthmen...

Yours, respectfully,