Saturday, 28 March 2009

Back to Nights

Next week I return to work after three fantastic weeks where I adjusted to seeing daylight in vast quantities. Night shifts are not for everyone, in fact many people cannot function without regular rest and sleeping patterns. Thankfully, I am able to readily adapt my body clock to the needs of my pocket and the lack of money contained within. Hence, the bulk of my working life has not been spent at a 9-5, but at shifts which usually see the more unusual side of the city. I have seen in three New Years Eve's while driving a bus, and it looks like I will see in 2010 while driving those great hulking beasts around London. But hopefully, I will not be stuck in Croydon this time around...

I must admit, I have felt utterly spoilt at the fact that I have been able to slumber at night and wake up at 6am rather than go to sleep at that time. In fact, it would be fairly easy to change back to day shifts, but the monetary rewards of working at nights, plus the fact that the upper echelons of my employers do not know exactly who I am, means that I would rather stay on nights and out of sight!

There are advantages and disadvantages to leading a normal life or switching yourself on during the witching hours.


Nights – Disadvantages:

Screws-up body clock, no social life, eat at funny times, always tired, poor complexion, SAD.

Nights – Advantages:

(Usually) paid more, very little 'senior staff' looking over your shoulder, relatively peaceful, the surrounding public are also relatively chilled out, fellow colleagues have an interesting sense of humour, can shop at a time that is very quiet.


In other words, if you can stand the hacking that your health will take, working/living at nights has a lot of advantages that tie-up with it. Night shifts are not a lifestyle choice that I would permanently choose, but for now, it certainly suits me. However, these last couple of weeks off have shown me how much 'day life' I have missed out on! Oh well, no point in looking back, I got to get a film done tomorrow!


Asad said...

Nights rock...just not forever...

Caution Wet Paint said...

nights allow a little bit of fun ;)