Monday, 30 March 2009

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I may talk about a lot of things, in fact this blog is quite soothing as my own min-rant against te world. But I rarely talk about the title of the blog, or my filming. That's partly due to the fact that I use the CWP Blog to discuss such things. But I felt that today's blog would be an appropriate tim to write about directing, and the direction of my own films.

The reality is that I should really name myself 'El Writer' or something along those lines. After all, I write a prodigious amount and despite my awful spelling and dodgy grammar I seem to write stuff which makes some people smile...but most importantly, I write in a fashion which seems to suit a visual medium. And that is why I direct, to portray on screen as close to what is in my mind's eye, when I write on the page.

Caution Wet Paint is one such story, big script, a musical comedy. It takes in the best of East London, has a bunch of crazy characters and includes a mad ride on a scooter, a dance on a rooftop and a song about milk. More importantly it takes a look at love, a love that works for some and a love that fails for others. And it is a story the follows the love lives of two characters Jay and Kay.

For the past two and a half years, I have been screening a bunch of webisodes with Jay and Kay doing various things. At first, they may seem random, even farcical, but there is a plan. Each of those webisodes refer to a particular point in the main film itself. They may happen between Jay and Kay during the course of the film, they may only involve main characters or they may involve characters from the movie other than Jay and Kay. In otherwords, I have been road testing out bits of the script that I saw in my mind, but did not know if they would work in reality. Most of them had, although there are a few raspberries to look out for.

In those past years I have worked with Ari and Kuldip as Jay and Kay and with Nick as my musician. It has been one hell of a past two and a half years, and we have all had our ups and downs. But no matter what we have said and done, we have acted like professionals when it has come to getting the job done and despite the lack of time, money or resources have managed to come very far from our first offering to film festivals.

We have all changed in those past two and a half years, and the glitz of youth have slowly faded as we all begin to leave the world of ideals behind and hurtle into the world known as reality. Despite what all of us go through in our own daily lives, we have managed to come together on a regular basis to make Caution Wet Paint. I wrote the characters of Jay and Kay with Ari and Kuldip in my mind, but these two actors have taken those characters and evolved it into something far more than I first imagined.

This weekend saw the final shoot of a Caution Wet Paint short, 'Jay and Kay Save the World'. It is not the end of the Paint, but more like a beginning. For me, my next aim is the movie, the big one. Now, the likelihood of succeeding is miniscule and by this time next year, I will be in all likelihood trying to make features by hook or crook rather than actually getting paid to make them. But it is a calculated leap. Not a leap of desperation, but one of evolution. I feel now is the right time to take 'Caution Wet Paint' to the next level, to the level of a feature film. Yes, there will be plenty of webisodes, vlogs and other sort videos coming out, but my main project for the next few months will be a short made for film festivals and this short is 'Jay and Kay Save the World'. A showreel for the Paint and hopefully fun-filled entertainment for cinemagoers at festivals huge, large and small; famous, elite and general, worldwide in the next year.

I have worked with a brilliant number of people over the years, and I have only come this far due to the help and assistance of many brilliant people around me. I hope to work productively with these and many more in the months and years to come. To all of you, thank you.

What I am trying to achieve is a tough aim, and I know my path is about to get a lot more interesting. But what the hell, fortune favours the bold...

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