Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Final Dress Rehearsal

Today was one of those days when...oooh, the nerves jangle the director. It is the final dress rehearsal for Caution Wet Paint. Now for my poor actors, they have to put up with things such as last minute changes in scripts, tantrums and of course the inevitable demands of a director's ego. You can see the frustration of Ari (Jay from CWP) by clicking here. Ahh, the poor actor...ha!

Seriously, today was a superb dress rehearsal. I was really happy to see an improvement by everyone this week over last. However come Saturday we have the main shoot beginning and this is going to be a session in style. Or so I hope. It will be a difficult shoot, partly as this version of the Paint has to go further than anything else previously. It is the point whether I have to prove whether I am a man or just a boyhood director. And it will be a new way in which to make films. Whether or not there is a possibility of getting a film up and onto the big screen. Well, there is only one way to find out...roll on next week!

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