Friday, 13 March 2009

A Migration Amnesty for the UK?

Is it time for a migration amnesty?

Living in London, it isn't hard to see why all the mayoral candidates from the 2008 election supported an amnesty for illegal migrants, the unregistered and failed asylum seekers nationwide. What is more surprising is that Boris still believes in this. That it was not just a soundbite to galvanise the ethnic vote. And it is not the first time that I find myself surprisingly agreeing with our fair mayor. And you know what, I never thought I might hear myself say this, but with Boris actually going out in public, giving interview on the topic, I might begin to like him. Forget about all that tat involving the MET Police, Bendy Buses or booze, this is REAL politics, something that is actually important, and worthwhile! Then again, I better hold myself, after all, he is a politician...

Let me put it simply, probably about half the people I know in this city are not born in the UK. If you up that to people whose parents or grandparents came from other countries, that increases to the vast majority of people I know, including myself. So firstly, before any debate is started, if it was not for migration, not only would I not be in this country, but I would not have had a chance to exist in human form, such was the meeting of my parents. In fact, if migration full stop did not exist, then all of my family alive today would not be around, such is the drifting nature of the ancestors that I know of. The movement of people is as hold as humanity itself. So, if you want one big reason for why I favour migration, it is for my own existence.


Tonight I will be driving the Nightbus before heading off for a three week break (I am owed plenty of holiday from last year). I was once asked who I carry and the passengers can be divided into three categories. The Wasted, the Weirdos and the Workers. Now, being a Friday night, there will be far more wasted people than anyone else on the bus. In addition, there will be the normal amount of weirdos on the bus, who for the most part are fairly harmless. Then there are the workers, and depending on the time of the night, the bus can be packed full of people off to a job. I can quite safely say that under 5% of these workers are English. So who is off to work at this time of the morning, and what jobs are they doing. Obviously jobs that pay poorly and that do not have the native population of London running after them, despite the credit crunch. And one more thing, take a look at the person driving your Nightbus. Odds on if you are in London, that the driver was not born in this country.


There is something known as the miracle of Saturday Morning that I wish to share with you all. We all go out on a Friday Night. We get drunk, grab a kebab or a shag. We piss on the roadside, chuck our cigarettes and left ovber chips on the roadside. Hail a minicab, vomit somewhere on the pavement, leave our smashed glasses on the pavement and slowly slink of home. Some may go via A&E others via a Nightbus to the wrong side of London. However, come Saturday morning, we stumble out into the sunshine, and on the way to the pub for a quick Brunchtime pint, the streets are clean, joggers are out in the park, the stench of booze has been lifted and we are ready to repeat the action later that night. Some parts of London have a Jekyl and Hyde character to them, such is the transformation. But who are the people behind this transformation from war zone to kiddies zone?

They are the same people you ignore when someone comes round your office to tidy your desk and clear your bins. They are the same people you ignore when you pass an internet cafe. They are the same people in the barber shops, in the kitchens beneath the restaurants you frequent. They are the ones at the back of a bus, catching five minutes kip. The ones who actually use money transfer services, who only use Halal butchers (and sod it, the ones who work there too). They are ones who buy pirate DVD's of films, but they are normally sold to the rest of the world as 'repertory cinema'. And a lot of these people are not here legally. They are most definitely not working legally, either over their allotted hours, or just cash in hand. Many of them are no better than the indentured labourers who were my forefathers of a century ago. Many of these people do not even exist, living in a limbo that is slowly destroys the essence of the humanity within them. If they died tomorrow, the police would not even know how to identify them, unless someone came forward (unlikely). It is a climate of fear that has perpetuated throughout the very people who do the s**t jobs that the bulk of people reading this blog are not going to ever do.

And for what reason? All to assure the voters in those 100 or so marginal seats in the shires that they will not have to see anything darker on people's skins than a tan after two weeks in Spain.


If the figures of 750,000 people are an accurate estimate of the number of illegals within Britain, then what is going to be the answer? Do not forget, this will also extend to children born and bred in this country, as citizenship is no longer granted 'jus soli', as well as to people who may have spent decades here. Is the answer to cart everyone on a plane and ship them off to their individual countries? The cost, as well as the social upheaval that would be required for such a task would be immense. Likewise, the cost in terms of goods and services would shoot up as the labour pool decreases. However, the biggest cost would be the moral. It is morally wrong to take away someone's home. A mass deportation would be exactly that, taking away the home that someone has tried and struggled to build up, despite the adversities facing them in this unforgiving land. We will be judged as a society by how we treat our most vulnerable.

But, amnesty is not going to happen (check the comments in the link). The black economy will continue to flourish, people will continue to be exploited and be put in danger to pocket a few quid. The illusion that we are on an island overrun with lazy dark skinned fellas will continue to comfort suburbia behind their filching net curtains. And most importantly, a system of migration that accurately reflects the reality of the modern world will never be implemented. Instead, fudge, argument and political scaremongering will dominate the lives of ordinary people, who day in, day out, are always listening for the door to be smashed in...


Tonight I will be driving the Nightbus through the streets of London. While the legals will party away, cause chaos and steadily sink into debt, it will be the illegals that silently pick up the pieces. I will be carrying all and sundry though the streets of London, whether on their way home or to work. But no matter where they are from or what they are doing, they all snore the same...

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