Wednesday, 11 March 2009

P**s Off Taxman!

Taxes, taxes, taxes - this greedy f**king country and its obsession with taxes disguised as a need for paperwork. WHat f**king use am I to them, if I have to pay any taxes, I probably cost more in coming after me than in what I owe. The company returns for Babarouge have to be sent off by the end of the month and I have not traded in anything over the past year. So why the f**k do I have to fill out a form that telling this. What a bloody waste of my time. So they can tick a few boxes and jerk off happily that I am a sodding looser in the world of business. I just do not get this exercise in futility. I do not like paperwork, I despise taxes and yet this year, I already have to put myself out twice in order to innovate. If I was just happy to remain in the PAYE system, then all I would have to do is grin happily while the government sucks out a third of my wages to prop up sh**ty companies. These f**king pigs do not get hunted down for not returning cash into the system. No, it is the small business, the ones who are at the edge of the economy that are hounded by the pack wolves of the UK until they have been beaten into paperwork submission!

So there you have it. If you want to try and be original, innovative, and risky, do not stick around in the UK. You will be spending more of your time buried under a mountain of paperwork and bo**ocks in order to attempt to earn anything. It is probably better to be a f**king thief. Well, it has worked for those w**kers!

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