Tuesday, 10 March 2009


In yesterday's vlog, you saw what I hope was an entertaining video that looked at the rehearsal for Jay and Kay Save the World. However, there is a lot to the rehearsal process. You can debate whether it is a part of production or pre-production, but it is a vital part f the film making process.

Normally, I do not rehearse. Which, to be honest is bloody hard on the actors. At the best of times I am imbecilic enough in my own directing to hope that the actors can read my mind. And so shooting days can become quite a trying time, especially with the looming 'time's up' that is always lurking in the background.

Now there are advantages to not rehearsing. Spontaneity being one of them. But generally, having a rehearsal is good practice, if only to iron out the difficulties that will occur in the production.

I have had two rehearsals this week. The first was a rehearsal with just Ari and Kuldip.

A tricky video to edit, as I do not want to give away too much of the plotline. However, I think it gives a comical look into what happened. In fact, I was pretty pleased with the rehearsal, considering it has been six months since the last webisode shoot, and two and a half years since the first incarnation of CWP! One thing I have to say about both Ari and Kuldip, they know their characters very well and that makes it a lot smoother during the shoot.

But yesterday was the second rehearsal. And the first time I have ever done this - a crew rehearsal. Now that meant dragging Dean in for a bit of logistical hassle. There are a few points in the script that needed ironing out. And of course, if the cast get a rehearsal, why not go through with the crew. Now along with ironing out logistics (flour, flags and fools), I also made use of a lot of Duct Tape.

There are three tools a film maker needs. A Camera, a computer and a supply of Duct Tape. Any one of those components missing, and the production comes to a halt.

The crew rehearsal, while taking a long time, did iron out a lot of the hassles to expect on the day. This is not going to be an easy shoot, in fact there are a lot more logistical issues here than on anything I have done previously (or maybe I have just realised them). I am glad that I have done a rehearsal with both the cast and the crew. For now that gives me a secure base from which to go to next week's 'Dress Rehearsal'. A more formal matter altogether...

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Asad said...

You make it sound like a better, slimline version of the school play...which, in all likelihood, it is...