Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Dark Side of Dubai

I normally try to blog rather than copy and paste news articles, but this is one killer article and was something I wanted to share with all my readers. As it can be clearly seen that I am currently on a political slant, in Yesterday's 'Independent', there was an article that took the sheen off the miracle known as Dubai:

Read the article by clicking here.

The article cam be pretty much summed up in this one paragraph from the piece, which I will quote in full:

'Later, in a hotel bar, I start chatting to a dyspeptic expat American who works in the cosmetics industry and is desperate to get away from these people. She says: "All the people who couldn't succeed in their own countries end up here, and suddenly they're rich and promoted way above their abilities and bragging about how great they are. I've never met so many incompetent people in such senior positions anywhere in the world." She adds: "It's absolutely racist. I had Filipino girls working for me doing the same job as a European girl, and she's paid a quarter of the wages. The people who do the real work are paid next to nothing, while these incompetent managers pay themselves £40,000 a month."'


I do not know how much of the article was made up, or how true it was. But one thing I do know, from talking to people who have been to the Middle East, the slavery that takes place is everywhere. Dubai is a beautiful city to the eye, dazzling and spectacular. But scratch beneath the surface and it becomes a very unpleasant place. Some of the nicest people you will meet are the Indians, Africans and Yemenis that dot around in the cafes in the back streets of Dubai. The worst people are the British Expats, it looks like one great booze fest.


Maybe I spout on too much about social justice, but I also believe in Karma. So should the Emiratis. Once the oil runs out, you guys do not even have a wek of water left, let alone the food to last you out a year. And no one will feed you for free, despite the number of ski slopes you have...


magiceye said...

well said but social inequity and injustice exists in multivarious forms and one has to have the money to fight them continuously...

el director! said...

true - the people who are suffering are the ones without resources

Asad said...

I can't help feel that all these 'Dubai sucks' pieces in the mainstream media are jumping on the bandwagon somewhat:

But hey - where's my column in the FT?