Monday, 27 April 2009

El DJ ;)

One of the great things about being a radio presenter is just playing music that I like. It is very selfish, but I love it. I hear a song in the week, and usually by Sunday it is on the airwaves, alongside the Movies and Music of the show. In fact, if today is anything to go by, the actual look at the movies of the week is pretty thin on the ground (just five songs played in two hours) while the rest of the show was filled in with songs from 80's Hollywod hits, 90's Tamil cinema and a few hits of yesteryear from whatever took my fancy, including some Latin beats. Just like the great films I look at, my show takes on a masala feel to it, catering to some and all alike in the two hour slot that is granted to me every Sunday.

So go on, chill out and take a listen, every Sunday, 5-7pm. Oh and after next week I am actually off on holiday for three weeks - woo-hoo!

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