Sunday, 5 April 2009

Quatro! (2)

A quarter of the way through and so how do you feel? Kinky, happy, sad, lonely. Well, 2009 is hurtling though a second and a heartbeat at a time. No matter how much you try to avoid it, time is slipping at a million miles an hour and there is nothing you can do about it except strap in and hold on for the ride of your life. New Year's resolutions are out of the window, winter has finished and even all those Lent promises are starting to fade away.

It is too early to say whether the year is going to be successful or not. The other day Nick, my musician, asked me what my measure of success would be and in no uncertain terms I laid that out for him, what I wanted from my filming. Whether that would be possible is not for me to speculate, but it is something that I am striving towards.

We live in an uncertain world. Anyone with a pension is now looking folish, mortgages and attachment to bricks and mortar still an impossible dream for many, and a millstone for a lot of our generation. Jobs are fragile and in the real world we have found out that we have no real skills to match. In other words, striving for the sake of just material gains is futile. Money is essential and money is good, but money for its sake, without nothing else to back it up is soul less. I admire someone who is rich because he or she built up a company with his or heart in it rather than a city broker who f**ked people to line his nest. Both will have the same amount of cash, but they will be very different people on the outside. There is a love in the entrepreneur's creation that is not matched by the financial 'adviser'.

But I ramble, a quarter of the way in, and how do you feel?


magiceye said...

lot of truth in your ramblings..

interesting blog you have here!

Asad said...

Uncertain! I don't know whether I'm on the cusp of something truly amazing, or am on the fast-track to becoming a portly, balding, semi-evolved simian.

I wish I was in take-away pizza...

el director! said...

Cheers for that Magic. I love your stuff as well.


Asad, we are destined for greatness, just hope it is before pensionable age.