Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sri Lanka - Where's that?

For the second day, Tamils from across London are blocking one of London's bridges in order to get our message across. Stop the annihilation of our people. Now whatever the rights or wrongs of the Sri Lankan Civil War on both sides of the divide, the fact remains that thousands of civilians are trapped in by the Tigers and are getting shelled by the Sri Lankan Government. This rally, ultimately, will not have much effect. The Tamil people that are stuck in the war zone are going to get butchered. The Government of Sri Lanka, on the ascendent, do not have any political pressure to rein in their brutality. The Tamil Tigers are quite happy to use civilians as human shields. Thankfully, none of my relatives are directly in the lune of fire. However, those that are getting shelled were some of the poorest people on the island, and today are amongst the most destitute in the world. They make the plight of the people of Dafur look like a tea party.

Ultimately, the culture and the ethos of the Tamil people will survive the genocide. After all, this slaughter has made us more aware of our nationhood and more expressive in our culture. For a people of only 70 million worldwide, our film and music industries punches far above its weight (India's second biggest and most profitable), in the nations that we have settled in, we are more educated than other newly migrated, in all subjects, not just the usual Maths and Science. We are also more involved in politics, both in the 'homelands' and abroad where we have settled. While we may, in the near future no longer exist in Sri Lanka, around the world we will be a strong nation aware of its long history. The plight of the Sri Lankan Tamils is one of futility. The Sri Lankan Government will get a homogenous island just for the Sinhalese. They have the firepower and the majority, and in a country that does not respect people of different origins, this is the result. But no one will know of the Sinhalese outside their little island. Soon it will become a place, not famed for its war, but for its ethnic cleansing. It will be famed for the foreign pedophiles that are currently awarded the status of Demigods. And it will be famed as a country, once the richest in Asia that turned itself into New Zimbabwe.

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magiceye said...

how i wish the 'leaders' were as farsighted!

el director! said...

Just a sad little conflict that really has no common sense and where ordinary people suffer. It's just pathetic.