Monday, 6 April 2009

'Travel London'

People who know me well, know how much I love travelling. So far, in my insignificant life, I have visited the following countries:

France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Egypt, Mauritius, Seychelles, Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Sri Lanka, P.R.C. China, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and Kazakhstan. In addition to that I have also jumped in and out of a few colonies/special areas. Yes, in all of these countries, I have stepped out of the airport (or crossed the border/river), spent my hard earned cash, slept their for a bit and ate the food from the local eateries. Some destinations have been fantastic (Malaysia). Some have been bad for the gut (Bahrain). Some destinations have disappointed (Egypt) while some have surpassed all my expectations (Pakistan). There have been foods to delight the tongue and tickle the gut (Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Singapore), while some cuisines have provided me with respite from the rigours of the road (the UAE, New Zealand).

This summer I plan to jet off to the other billionaire country, India. While I am not going to hike across the Sub-Continent, my first time to such an intriguing country is something that excites me to no end! I do have worries, dysentery being the main one (I do not want that again), but at the same time the sense of adventure calls me across the wind, it is in the air and it is something I feel every time I board a jet plane.

Admittedly, travel is not just good for the mind but food for the soul. I take full advantage of my passports and utilise them to see as much of the world as possible. Some areas are very under represented such as South America and Africa. Europe is surprisingly sparse on my travelogue, despite the fact that I hold an EU passport. The Far East is well represented on the other hand, and there have been some unusual destinations sprinkled in amongst the stamps that have adorned my passports.

I am not a great domestic traveller, in so far that most of my journeys beyond the M25 have been to either Gatwick or Stanstead. But what I lack in my journeys across the UK, I make up for by my journeys within London.

How many of the boroughs has each and every Londoner visited? How many of the 7.5 million residents of this city can claim to have been to every part of London. The wastelands of Orpington, the wide open spaces of Romford, the confusion of Rotherhithe or the industrial parks of Brent? Shockingly, I have visited every borough of London, although many I have just waltzed past, I have taken time in them for some reason or another, whether it is to see family, or conduct other bits and bobs. My least visited borough is surprisingly the borough of Harrow, and that is something I will have to remedy in the near future.

London is a great city! Some parts of town are more alluring than others and some parts of London are just plain horrible. But there are hidden gems within the urban fabric, wating to be discovered and as intoxicating as any foreign locale. Take a leaf through this blog. There are plenty of examples of me, visiting the lesser known parts of the Capital. One thing I am addicted to is travel whether great or near. And it is something that will continue for a long time to come, I hopes!


magiceye said...

hey! great to know you are coming to india! let me know if you need any assistance in mumbai!

el director! said...

Thank you for the offer, but for my first trip to India, I am off to Assam. But I will come to Mumbai one day ;)