Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The 'Slumdog'

I finally got to see Slumdog Millionaire at the cinema yesterday and yes, I loved it, like many people in Britain. For those reading this blog, it was made by Danny Boyle who is a bloody Don when it comes to film making...

And yes, it was not liked by many in India, but remember one thing. It is not an Indian film. The bulk of the cast may be Indian, but it is a British production and it was made for a European/North American audience, where it did very well. Many may be distasteful because of the language of the film (all in English) but I think it is because the film hits one fact squarely on the head. Poverty. India is an economic miracle but there is still a close to a billion people who will never get to to see a pair of Nike trainers or play with their iPhones let alone be swept away in the hills of Switzerland on a magic carpet. Remember, this is a country that exports food but yet still has people who are suffering from malnutrition. It is a country with problems. Problems that will eventually be cleared up, but something that must come from the people of India themselves.

One day the world will be marching to the beat of the Indian drum. India is going to become the superpower of the world. That does not mean it is a perfect country, and while I will not take anything away from India's economic success (especially when you compare it to the basket case called UK), but it has only affected a small proportion of the population, something that the film highlighted. Don't take it personally, Boyle also highlighted the crappiness of UK society in the 1990's.

One thing I want to show you. Take a look at this picture from the Mumbai Daily blog. Take a look at the description which is probably the best description of Mumbai, from a Mumbanite:

'That is my world - Mumbai - a city full of sharp contrasts. Slums amid buildings. Trees amidst concrete. A result of overcrowding, poverty and success. A city throbbing with opportunities.'

(From the Mumbai Daily Blog).

And that pretty much sums up 'Slumdog'.

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Asad said...

I think you'll find, on closer inspection, that India is indeed a land of people who go on dancing holidays in Switzerland - which are filmed, natch - and drive this car:

So what if they have 950 million domestics to help them out?