Friday, 14 August 2009


Damned tools. Being left handed means I am instantly at a disadvantage. Saws of any kind are there to kill me. Hammers stub my fingers. I never have the right type of nail and who the hell nicked my tape measure?

Still, I did a little handy box that quite happily covered some exposed pipe work. Good. Now I got to add the finishing touches. I am not a fast one with the DIY. I get things done, but other bits and bobs have the priority. Also, as I am a late starter naturally, I normally do not get started on any 'house work' until the afternoon, which can leave me scuppered if I need to buy any supplies. Still, I have not done too badly this week in getting jobs round the house done.

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Asad said...

Good man...setting a fine example for us all...