Monday, 31 August 2009

'Notting Hill' (C-A-R-N-I-V-A-L-!)

Contrary to last week's sedate post about the area, readers clicking on this link will get exactly what they are looking for! Carnival!

Yes, Carnival is crowded and noisy, you have 10% of London trying to squeeze into W11. But that's the whole point. You either love the crowds or cry at the sight of humanity. Personally, I like it when it gets sweaty with my fellow peeps!

But my main reason to head to Notting Hill is not so much the procession of flotillas, nor is it the funky sounds on the systems. It is to get my hands on some serious jerk. I love Caribbean food, but there are not enough places in London that sell it. Plus, that original charcoal taste can only be achieved on an open grill!

Jerk Chicken,, washed down by real ginger beer or some cream soda. Yeah! Plus a dumpling on the side, or maybe some curried goat...sweet plantain, definitely! And of course, SALT FISH! For me, the music and dance, and costumes of the procession are immaterial. For me, Notting Hill has always been about getting some good food and good vibes....London wakes up once a year, so take advantage of it, no matter what the fear mongers say...


Carnival Chips and Teats:

Bring a whistle/horn, family and plenty of cash - Carnival food is expensive! Don't bring a bag, high heels or ear plugs. And shake what your mama gave ya!


magiceye said...

i love it!
in mumbai its carnival time 24x7x365!

el director! said...

you mumbaites are a bunch of 'wild things' ;)