Friday, 11 September 2009

Oi itunes - where's my green f**king button!

I use itunes as a media player. Recently, I downloaded the software update. So far, so good. It looks a little bit more 'funky', but it is still the same media player that I have always used. Now I want to 'minimise the player'. In other words, I want to turn it from this:

to this:

In the previous version of itunes, all you had to do was click on the little green button, and it would toggle the between the two sizes. You could go from 'big, maximised' itunes player to 'small, minimised' itunes player. You with me so far? In other words, if I wanted to browse songs in depth, I would maximise the player, select the song or playlist and then minimise it, keeping it behind all my other applications in the background. All with the click of a simple green button.

But this has now gone. That green button now does S.F.A. You click it and it shifts the player a few pixels to the right.

Now, I know that all the other applications will behave like this if you click the green button, but that is besides the point. I liked the fact that you could switch to the mini-player with the simple click of the green button. I do not want a standardised player, I want my old media player back.

I want it back with the little quirk, which was an instant mini player by clicking on the green button. I do not want to press the option key and the green button. I do not want to have to remember another keyboard short cut in order to view my itunes in a nice tiny mode. I want the green button back! And I want it now! I do not care about how fancy itunes 9 is, or how it will enhance my media experience. After a night shift, all I want is my green button!


Asad said...

The angry consumer in action. The fact that this program is made available to the general public for the sum of precisely zero dollars does not stem his wrath...beware, corporate megaocracy...

el director! said...

i'm of the opinion, why change a good thing, despite the fact it is free (unless you are an apple customer, in which case, you've already paid for it via the hardware/OS)

Jay said...

Just to support your indignation. I thought I would let you see what I said to Apple:

"I am sure that many users will welcome the fact that the change to the minimise function is in keeping with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. However, since these guidelines state that one aim is that "Users with special needs will find your product more accessible" then I have to disagree that the changes to iTunes 9 match this standard. I am a physically disabled user and employ a switch control instead of mouse & keys. Something that may appear so insignificant to able-bodied users as a change to the way in which the player is minimised has made the application more difficult for users like myself to use. Instead of clicking on one button, I now have to either click on a drop down menu, scroll down to a command OR I can hold down three keys (!!) OR I can hold down one key (in my case with a switch-controlled 'sticky key' whilst at the same time using the switch to click on the button that in previous version I had programmed to switch me to the mini-player. Making the product "more accessible" I think not. Come on Apple I love your computers and have done since I was a student, but if something aint broken - why the need to fix' it?"

el director! said...

cheers for highlighting that jay - i never even thought of the change from a disabled user's p.o.v.