Saturday, 19 September 2009

Storm in a City's Tea Cup

Wow! If not living in London is akin to being at the centre of the universe, the lack of real news has meant that two extremely trivial London matters have gained national attention.

1) The changes to the Tube Map:

There is no River Thames. There are no more zones. There are too many wheelchair blobs. That is the general prognosis of what has happened.

But what we are really talking about is a local metro network changing a couple of details on its schematic diagram. More important than Dafur? Or the current health of the British economy?

2) The end of the London Paper.

From 3pm onwards, an army of (mainly) Indian students are out on the streets of London distributing freesheets to all that pass them by. Many ignore them, I usually take from one and chuck it in the next bin in order to help those guys out.

The newspaper itself is fine for whiling away a few minutes on the tube, but there is very little reason to keep a copy. Nothing serious in it, just the previous night's celebrity bashes and the occasional quirk about either the West End/Madia Vale. In about three weeks time it will be 'The London What?' rather than Missed Connections, although I do feel sorry for the people who are loosing their jobs, particularly the distributors, unloved and little thanked despite being exposed to the elements.


So there you have it. The largest city in Europe, the engine of the world's fifth largest economy. Trivial pursuits rather than lofty ideas. The dream is not that great...


Asad said...

And who said that romance is dead?

el director! said...

the northern line killed off romance a long time ago...