Thursday, 22 October 2009


Yesterday marked eight years. Eight years, I cannot believe that this length of time has passed. Sometimes you do not realise that time is passing by so fast, and for me, I was just a friend, I sometimes forgot. But for your parents, the pain must have been unbearable. Eight years, everyday remembering the gap where you once were in their lives. I hate to say this, but if I had not met your father the other day at the shops, I would not have realised the significance of October 21st, such is my own, now so-called busy life. But yesterday was eight years since you passed away and I remember that dreadful day in the hospital. How time has flown for me, but how time has stood still for others.

We all die, that is a fact. Sometimes, the best of us are taken away at a young age, sometimes he most unworthy lead a long and fruitful life. Life is an unfair struggle. I do not know what happens in the afterlife, but I hope there is no reincarnation, as I would not want to come back to this Earth. Unfortunately, at a young age, I have experienced loss and now, a few years later, the loss still feels to raw to talk about properly. Maybe one day I will begin to deal with it properly. But for now, a wave of bitterness still passes over me everytime I think about October 21st.

Wherever you are, rest in peace.