Saturday, 31 October 2009

Bloody Halloween!

(This is one of the few times that I will blow my top on this blog)

Someone is making a killing here. Whether it is pumpkin conglomerates in Illinois or plastic toy factories in Southern China, the emergence of Halloween as a reason to spend your hard earned cash on a completely baseless festival is worrying. Just like Mother's/Father's day or Valentine's, an obscure European festival has been hijacked turned into something far more than it should have been.

Shops are filled with gaudy toys (real tatty crap) and other trinkets, little kids knock on your door demanding cash (work you feral buggers) and nigger kids decide to throw eggs at anything they can (I hope you starve one day).

Halloween is s**t! Really, I have never seen something so trite, even worse than these other 'holidays' which at least has the veneer of love (expressed in by an overpriced rose or a lousy card). Halloween has no positive attributes whatsoever. From the amount of food that is thrown out (how many of those pumpkins were used to actually make food rather than grotty masks) to the sheer tenacity of raising a generation of children who think it is perfectly normal to knock on doors and beg for money (work-shy little b******s).

The whole 'event' is a pile of crap that is the final p**s take in the FTSE100's quest for my hard earned money. I do not want to spend my free time having to chase away someone else's children off my property, nor do I want to have to clean up the filth left by those egg throwing hooligans. I certainly do not need to buy, every year fake devil's tridents or awful witch's hats. And I like to eat my eggs, cooked and on a plate. I do not like seeing foxes roam around the city at 3am licking yolk off the pavements.

Halloween actually has a fascinating history that has been completely lost in the flood of cash registers. It exists as there is a need for companies around the UK to pick up the nation's spending. Unlike other countries there is no Thanksgiving (N. America), Diwali (India and surrounding area) or Mid-Autumn Festival (most of East Asia). After summer, there is a lull in what we as a nation spend, as people try to save up for Christmas and are really trying to get over the annihilation that the summer holiday has done to most family's wallets. Especially as there are no public holidays between the end of summer and the Xmas period, there is a need for companies to keep making money. Hence Halloween, the most trumped up holiday since Valentine Day's cheap attempt to kick start consumer spending after the Christmas binge.

The whole thing makes me sick. Now pass me the hollowed out pumpkin mask, I need a place to puke up...


Asad said...

The angry taxpayer strikes back...but what happened to the sense of fun, mystery and joy?

el director! said...

halloween is not filled with joy, but feral bandits roaming the streets like some 'clockwork orange' outtake