Monday, 16 November 2009

Sales Pitch

I am a pretty lousy consumer. First, I have zero brand loyalty. For example, I will buy whatever toothpaste is cheapest, not the one with the stripes or the extra mint.

Adverts do not impress me, no matter how much sex appeal they may have.

The flashy ones really turn me off. What, all those computer graphics and expensive sets just to sell me a hunk of metal on four wheels.

You see, if I want to make a large purchase, it is not a flash advert that will make me buy the product, but research on what it is. I will know the advantages and disadvantages to those products before I buy it. After all, why spend a few thousand pounds based on the whims of an ad.

For the cheap purchased, forget it. Unless you are advertising how cheap that product is. Then it is a different matter altogether! Brand loyalty does not exist with me.

So if you come to my home, the only breakfast cereal I will buy is the economy oats (because, let us be honest, how flash do you want your porridge?), my computers last me for years (as I do the research on them) and I watch the films that I like, not the ones splashed across billboards.

But if there is one place that I spend like a drunk, it is on my holidays. ;)


Asad said...

I try not to spend on anything extraneous...but skimping on cereal? That's austere, my friend! :)

el director! said...

but i make sure there is plenty of milk to go round ;)

Asad said...

If you ever want it, I'm sure there's a job for life for you at the Milk Marketing Board...when they revive it...