Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Upgrade? Hell no!

I have two computers. A five year old laptop, still going strong with the original operating system installed on it. It is pretty bare in terms of ad ons and other apps on it, but it is functional. It works as a writing implement and as a way to show vids (via the HD or the DVD drive) on the go. I also have a newer, flashier desktop, just over a year old, with all the original bits, plus lots of funky ad ons. It really is a souped up machine.

Anyhow, switched on my laptop this morning to do my blog and when logging into gimpspace, (that link will soon no longer work) I got this message:

All good things come to an end. My computer is no longer cool enough to hang out with the hip young things and Tom. So sod it, I can no longer be bothered with myspace. It looks like another 'bye-bye' alongside my facebook exit. But unlike the facebook drop out, this has been forced upon me by myspace itself. I was quite happy to keep the account ticking over and to copy and paste my blog onto my profile but as I have no urgent need to upgrade my laptop, then my hand is forced and I must say toodles to 'Tom & Co'.

Interestingly, 'myspace' gave me my first outlet online. Long before I actually 'made' my own websites, or even got blogging seriously, my outlet to the wider world was via myspace. It is with a slight twinge that I am deleting this account, but with regards to the bigger picture, who really cares? My laptop has outlived my gimpspace account. Let us see what else it outlives...


Nick said...

Whilst I don't seem to be experiencing that problem myself (firefox 3.0.8 on Ubuntu), I've gotta say that it smacks of a really sloppy design methodology. I thought the aim was to be open to as wide a number of users as possible. Surely they can do like everyone else and use Javascript to return the user's browser version, and just switch off the features that won't work?

I can't see what they're trying to do that can't be done with the existing xhtml, JavaScript/Ajax & flash... I guess they've signed a deal with Microsoft and its all part of a plan to get everyone back on Mcsft Internet Explorer because thats what only cool & trendy people use... and you should know about that because you're so damn cool :)

el director! said...

i guess i'm just not cool enough to host a party for microsoft :(. damned camino and their mac themed browser, how can i keep up with my 'friends'?