Friday, 29 January 2010

London Diary (14)

'Get me a coffee man!'

I stopped by the vending machine as The Sponger looked at me with his pitiful eyes.

'Yeah, that'll be 30p.'

Now, thirty whole pence is not a lot of money. But it is night time, I am working and I need to keep myself awake for the whole night. Hence the need for me to drink a coffee rather than rely on my flask of tea. And also, this man here is on the same wages that I am on. So what stops him from putting his own coins into the machine. He has a mortgage, so what? I do not. I live in rented box. He's made his choice, I've made mine. He has a piece of land, I have my coffee.

'Oh man, come on, don't make me beg!'

But that is exactly what you are doing. Begging. Okay, if it was a one off, I would be all right with it. But everytime this man sees me, he looks mournfully at me and asks for a cup of something, tea, coffee, or chocolate. And you know what, he can buy his own cup of hot drink, I have seen him do it plenty of times. Without offering me a cup.

'Yeah, well, I'm also broke. I only have enough cash for myself'.

I hate spending money at work. My mentality is that I come to work to earn not to loose cash. I take the bus into work, I don't drive, unlike my 'friend' over here. I bring in my own packed lunch, and my own drinks, so I do not have to buy anything while I am working, unlike The Sponger who not only spends his own cash without offering, but then looks to other people to support his habbits.

'Oh man!'
'Yeah I know'.

I would love to tell him to f**k off, but this is a work place. And I got to bite my tongue, for now...

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