Tuesday, 2 February 2010

6 more weeks of winter...

6 more weeks of winter for the Yanks but for us living in the UK, it is still bloody cold! Where the hell did all the spring love go?

Well, my own personal body clock - hayfever - normally activates itself at this time of the year. It has not. Which means that spring is definitely a long way off. Good news for my sinuses, but awful news for my body. I am absolutely frozen here, plus winter is no fun compared with the joys of spring and the floodgates of summer! Still, one must not complain too much.

What the hell? Of course I must complain. Half of all conversations in the UK revolve around the weather (the official stats from HM Public Bean Counters puts it at 51.6%) and we would be far more anti-social without it. After all, where would the famed twittersphere be without '@uknow', or something like that. Oh boy, twitter, that is almost as gimpy as facebook, how I despise web 2.0, despite the fact it provided for a lucrative article last year. Go away, I'm cold! Grrr!

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