Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mi Gustas (9)

I like...Cola Cubes!

Sweet, sweet, childhood memories. Popping into a shop, asking for a 'quarter' of boiled sweets, paying anything between 28p and 40p (a small fortune when I was a sprog) and sucking away until my teeth dissolved.

Out of all the sweet, Cola Cubes (now sometimes called Kola Cubes) were my favourite, and they still are. I am not a big fan of the drink, cola. But I love cola flavour sweets. The mix of acid and sugar gives me a rush that a diabetic can only envy. And I suppose I am still a big kid, only wanting the taste of sweet sherbet candy!


Asad said...

Cola sweets rock...I never knew they were available in cube form before I read this blog, however...

el director! said...

you never ate cola cubes? shame on you!