Thursday, 11 February 2010


If there is one hallmark of this pathetic government, then it is The War on Terror. One event, 9/11, and suddenly we decide to join the same Mullahs in the killing, rape and now torture of some of the poorest and most under-trod people on the planet.

I do not want to get involved in the mechanics of 9/11, except to say that it was one of the most horrific lapses in security, considering the amount spent on Western Intelligence services. Of course, these guys, (for us in the UK, MI5 and MI6) went into overdrive:


Of course, the torture of one Brit resident did not stop the July 7th bombings, again a failure of our home grown intelligence services and a complete waste of our taxes. You see, torture does not work for one very good reason. You put my bollocks in a vice, and I'll tell you anything to stop the pain. Torture is ultimately self defeating.

It has been a hallmark of this administration. Doublespeak. On the one hand, lawyers have got rich enforcing the admirable but poorly drafted Human Right's Act while on the other our government (paid by our taxes) decides to go against the very grain of what a civilised society is meant to be.

Let me be blunt here. I despise terrorists, people who want to impose their own system of law without a ballot box (funny how Indonesia or Bangladesh have never voted for Sharia Law...), or misogynists with beards sitting in caves. I also despise torture. Iran, China, Saudi are not exactly my favourite countries on the planet, for good reason. They torture people. And now, so does the UK (along with the US). What makes us different from these lovely countries or the terrorists themselves?

Osama must be chuckling in his bolt hole. How much in common he now has with Blair et reminds me of the final act of Animal Farm where the pigs and the men play cards and toast to the prosperity of Manor Farm...


One other note, what should be a top story on the UK's premiere news website is not dedicated to this hallmark in modern British politics:

Instead Facebook, some self promotion about Hi-Tech and a prize for a TV Chef (who incidentally is very good) take precedence over the fact that we, as a nation, torture people. Good to see an old fashioned cover-up at, writing this blog, I feel like an Algerian dissident. You never know who can come knocking on your door. If I were Muslim...

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