Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Brazil at the Emirates!

We in London are blessed wth a lot of (beautiful) nationalities. That means, whenever there is an international game to be played, odds on there are supporters of that country in this fair city of ours. Until there is a Sri Lanka vs Seychelles game (where my loyalties will be tied), I usually support the country with the best looking women. So last night when Brazil were playing Ireland at the (stunning) home of Arsenal F.C, I was a Brazilian fan. And so would you, my dear reader...

I love going to the Emirates, it is a beautiful stadium and the company is always fun. So too was the match. Although Brazil were sheer class, credit is due to Ireland who took the game to Brazil and did not aim to sit in defence. It was a good show by both teams and the crowd was friendly throughout. But the star was Rubinho, brilliant in every way and entertaining the crowd with his lighting quick feet, he sealed the win for Brazil, deservedly so. Commiserations Ireland, but you can hold your heads up high, you gave it a go, and you provided us with some thrills and spills for the evening.

So here's to South Africa 2010!

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Nadeem - Azam Marketing said...

Irish women are gorgeous too!

Just because Brazilian women watch footy matches in itsy-bitsy bikinis doesn't mean they're hotter - or perhaps it does :-)