Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

The Good news is that unemployment has fallen.

The bad news is that employment has fallen.

Go figure...

You see, unemployment is counted by the number of people claiming benefits from the government, a stipend that week after week you collect. Termed 'Benefits' it is horrific if you are forced onto it and pisses off the rest of the tax paying population if you sponge the system.

But after six months, you are forced onto 'means tested' benefits which makes it a lot harder to claim this stipend if you have savings or have partner working. The whole system is just broken and makes no one happy.

The other stats are equally mind boggling.

8 million people (over 18-under 65) are 'economically inactive' - students, early retirement, given up looking for work.

This is really worrying. Over 6 million people, 10% of the UK is now employed by the state. 22 million is employed by the private sector. In other words, only 22 million people, just over a third of the population is generating any real economic benefit for the country (lawyers do not count towards economic benefit).

Let us see where it goes. Under two months until the election!

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Asad said...

In some parts of the UK, the state provides over 50% of jobs...sad thing is that it's difficult to think of many world class companies that the British state still owns. Where is our equivalent of Singapore Airlines?