Friday, 5 March 2010

London Diary (19)

Despite the warmth emanating from each other's bodies, there was very little else between the two lovers. The heat kept them comfortable in the cold of the night. The window was open as they lay on the bed, together, but silent. Neither one wanting to say anything. They had their reasons for lying next to each other. Firstly, there was pleasure. Despite everything else, the sheer physical pleasure was enough to keep the two of them side by side, although they both felt little beyond immediate gratification.

There was also a sense of companionship. Cynical as both of them were, London is a lonely city and for them, for each other, that brief moment together was a moment that they did not have to face alone. A moment of togetherness, a moment in which they could feel something a little bit more than sheer emptiness.

And maybe there was something deeper between the two of them. That went beyond the physical. That went beyond the fear. But it would take more than just lying together in silence and warmth to unearth that. And it was something that neither was prepared to find out.

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