Thursday, 22 April 2010

Corporate Wash

I love corporations. Big companies that are designed to make money, any way they know how. But there is often a guilt trip about doing so, making obscene profits while many of us minions have little on our plates. SO companies have to be seen to bedoing good:

McDOnalds is probably the best of the lot. Let us be honest, they sell garbage for us to eat. Useful at a pinch (especially when you have dysentery), but awful food.

They are not the only other ones to paint a rosy picture of their companies.

BAA the owner and operator of the UK's longest queues tells us about how airports can be good for the environment. The UK's branch of Walmart also does the same. Anywhere you go, companies are at it, highlighting the amount of things they do to raise cash for good causes, how they do not harm the environment. How they help local communities. Thrilling stuff, like watching paint dry, and filled with holes in logic, but not in facts.

Now I am no socialist pussy. Capitalism is bar far the best 'system' that we humans have adapted up until this point. But there is a reason for all this corporate ranting.

GOldman Sachs.

The government sponsored bonus payer.

Evil? Agents of Satan? Bad Boys? Who knows?

To be honest, most people in the world do not have a clue what these guys do. But they reach into every aspect of our lives. Record levels of government debt, increased wealth divide, general f-ups. While we cannot blame these guys for everything, remember, they are only human. And just like the rest of us, their necks will snap like a twig if you apply pressure at the right point...

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