Saturday, 17 April 2010

Oh yes, it is an election (2) - How to make that choice

I may mock the candidates, but I certainly appreciate the fact that I can vote. It is a cliche to hear this, but many people have died so that I am able to write tat on a blog. It is a shame that I have never before exercised this right to vote, but this time round on May 6th, I am heading off to the polling booth and yes, I will cast my vote.

But you see, voting in an elections different to other choices. Usually, when you make a choice about something in your life, you go for something that you like. So, should I go for the fried, chicken, the donner kebab or the chow mein? But when you choose a politician to rule over you and fill his or her own pockets, you are not choosing for someone you like, but for someone that you hate the least. And that is what makes voting in an election so crap. The fact is that 99% of the candidates are scum.

So, which one do I hate the least...

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