Thursday, 29 April 2010

Oh yes it is an election (5) - #bigotedwoman

The Twitter Results. Far more important than the actual news that our glorious PM has called a potential voter a bigot.

On a day that a fellow member of the European Member is on its way to bankruptcy, we, in the middle of an election fight decide to brush over our pitiful economy and decide to look at Uncle Gordon bury his head in shame over a spat.

If anything, he should be ashamed of his economic record. That's a third of my life that will be spent paying back what you have destroyed.

Not that the other candidates are any better with their solutions. And you want to try and guess the turnout this year?


Asad said...

Well, from what she said it was difficult to conclude anything else. But it is hilarious that as an EU member slides towards economic oblivion, the UK media are keen to focus on the musings of a good denizen of Rochdale, and Gord's response to them...

magiceye said...

also read somewhere on that if steps not taken soon uk will soon follow greece....!