Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Privatising to Madness?

I really do not care who runs something, whether it is the state or a private company. But there is some weirdness in exactly what and how we own and run in the UK.

Firstly, Arriva, visible in London as one of the largest operators of London's bus services, is to be taken over by Deutsche Bahn. Nothing wrong with that, except that the company comes under state control again. The German state. Germany runs a brilliant (and fairly cheap) railway system under public control, but our privatised system is expensive and for the money we pay, crap.

Secondly, we are sooooooooo skint as a country, we are now going to privatise our bridges and tunnels to help pay off our national debt. Wow, so instead of getting new industries to increasetax revenues, we just flog off the last dregs from the bottom of the pan. While in the short term, it can help with the trouble we are in what do we do the next time national debt overwhelms the UK?

Enough politics, I am going to enjoy the sunshine today...

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