Saturday, 15 May 2010

iTunes is crap - again!

Ah, iTunes, the bane of my life.

Now on version 9.1.1. It is crap, bug ridden, and all the rest of it.

To all those who have a Mac, if you have not switched it on in the last six months, than remember NOT to upgrade from iTunes 8.xx. Why, because iTunes 9.whatever is S**T!

On my old Mac, I am still running iTunes 7.whatever, and it runs great. On my new one, I have the latest, souped up version, which is ridden with another major flaw.

Let me turn the clock back. When iTunes 9 came out, we lost the usefulness of the green button.

Now we have a new problem. iTUnes gets stuck.

Let me explain, yet again. You pop on iTunes, then do your work, say type out a blog post. You then go to make a cup of tea. While your kettle is boiling, the screensaver comes on.

You come back, and reactivate your computer to go back to typing or whatever you were doing. You press the back button on iTunes, and lo and behold, the app us jammed! You can no longer shuffle back to that great tune by Aqua that you missed on while making that cup of tea!

So, a warning to all the Apple fanboys out there. Do not download any version of iTunes 9. Stick with your older version. They may not look as pretty, but THEY WORK!

And Apple, we love the fact that iTunes is free. But iTunes 9 is akin to me going over to a tramp in winter and giving him a cashmere cardigan as an upgrade to a jacket. Bloody useless! How many more bugs are going to come out of this filthy upgrade?

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Asad said...

In nearly five months of owning a Mac, I've used iTunes twice...VLC Media Player is the bees' knees...