Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Oh Yes it is an election (7) - The Placard

Despite the twittering, the newsfeeds and the blogging, you could eaisly miss the fact that we are in a cmpagin for a General Election if it as not for one thing. The amount of Placards dotting the landscape.

For some awful reason, I had to leave the confines of London today. And as I was driving, the placards were a mixture of Lib Dems and Tory but with far more Lib Dem placards in the suburbs of the city. But as soon as I hit the greenbelt, the landscape was bathed in blue and an urge to 'vote for change'.

Mmm, I guess this election will not be decided in the shires then...


Asad said...

But is this change that we can BELIEVE in? (Cue Southern Baptist tambourines.)

el director! said...

one more day and it's all over - we can go back to being terror subjects - yey!