Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Shaking up of Politics

The first thing that is going to happen, whoever is in power is going to be tackling the deficit. In fact, that is going to take up so much of the new government's time, that there will little else they can do.

The second is going to be political reform. The MP's expenses, Lobbygate plus general dissatisfaction with First Past the Post, plus a House of Lords that is an acronym means that some sort of political reform is going to be needed. I do like the current system of electing MP's, in that it gives us, the people a local link to Parliament, and can allow us to elect independents on strong local issues. But it is very hard to get rid of an MP that is found to be corrupt if he or she wants to stay, plus there are a lot of votes that do not get recognised. PR has its advantages too, along with its disadvantages. All types of democracy are a compromise, but it is quite clear that the current system leaves some room for imagination. Whatever the oucome, there needs to be some change. Too many of us voters are left very disappointed with the current state of affairs, unable to properly express ourselves.

The farce with the voting times also leaves much to be desired. We have become a 24 hour society, yet our electoral syste has not caught up with that. The fact that people were denied a right to vote makes us look Zimbabwean in competence.

So, whether we are going to have a minority Tory administration or a strong coalition, I hope these guys listen to us and go ahead with some kind of reform, not just another enquiry. But a reform that actually means something to us, the masters of the politicians...

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