Saturday, 1 May 2010

Thought Crime - Poetic Justice

Let me be blunt. Tony Blair was an evil bastard. There is no two ways about it. I hope that fucker goes to hell.

I do not think Gordon is the devil incarnate. In fact, he is not a bad man, just not a very good Prime Minister. Yes, the #bigotedwoman was a cock up, which I think has overshadowed what has been a very dull campaign. And I would feel sorry for him, as all he has been guilty of is Thought Crime. But guess what, it was his government that introduced Thought Crime into Law.

Let me give an example. If I type into this blog something like: 'I love Osama Bin Laden', all the tax money that I give will be used on millions of tiny little e-bots controlled by MI5, and the MET Police will be screaming down to my place to drag me out in the middle of the night and lock me in a cell indefinitely for the safety of the public. Cal it poetic justice, but I was quite happy to see Uncle Gordon get slaughtered due to his part in supporting Anti-Terror legislation.

The Anti-Terror Act will not get reversed no matter who gets into power, we are stuck with it. Of all of Labour's legacies, this is the one that has stained them the most over the past 13 years. And no matter who we vote for, the government will always get in...


magiceye said...

similar to the TADA law passed here

Asad said...

I think that assessment of GB is a good one. He ain't actually evil...just psychologically weak.