Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Your life path...

This is an interesting link:

Ari Gill's Life Path.

To quote from this 'horoscope' description of one of the two lead actors from CWP:

'...Ari...has got a fine analytical thinker...intimacy is difficult for Ari, because he guards his inner world like a mother lion guards her cubs...Ari should guard against...shutting out the love of others and keeping him from experiencing the true joy of friendship and closeness....'

Bulls**t - someone just copied my description of the character of Jay!

After so long, why have I decided to revisit CWP? Well, do not confuse a lack of internet output with a killing off of the project. CWP is far from dead, and I have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes. A hell of a lot.

Some of this work has not paid off, but some has. I am under no illusions that there is so much more to do. But (and herein lies the rub) some things may come to fruition.

Will be keeping you all updated ;)

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