Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Irfan 'Post' (1)

So filming is over and post production begins. To be honest, I could easily take a week off from filming and relax. But there is a lot of 'crap' to get done before the real editing begins. Some of it very simple like clearing up and some of it more tedious, but nonetheless simple.

Anyway, for the rest of today, this will be the image burning into the back of my retina.

This is the dull bit of editing. Sorting out files and folders. Be under no illusion, no matter how glorious film making may seem on the big screen, it is simply an illusion. It is supported by an undercroft of sticky tape and plaster board.

I also have to get a life back. And quick! I am going to finish my grand tour of London by August, come hell or high water, and that means cunningly trying to find some time to reach the Far East of the city! Talking about the Far East, my spirit is taking me overseas again...I think I might be heading off to the motherland for another peek at the so-called good life. Two weddings but fewer old folks to see means that this will be a trip (if I make it) tinged with sadness as well as joy.

So once this is done, I will sort out the files into scenes, bits and bobs, duplicate them onto an external hard drive as backup and clear Jay and Kay off my compie. Not that they are being obliterated just yet...


And looking back at the film set. It was an educational experience, and not in the way that most people would think. Yes, I learnt a lot on the technical side, and saw how both cast and crew work hard to make a film come together. But I also learnt a lot more. About people themselves. It was interesting to see how everyone interacted to make the film come together. And it was a pleasure to behold. But, now comes the real work. Post.

Oh, and every Wednesday, on this blog, you may actually see why this is the blog of El Director...


Safirah Irani said...

The whole experience was amazing and enjoyed the company of the cast and crew. Charles you are a wonderful director and I look forward to the end product.
love Safirah

el director! said...

@Safirah - and it was wonderful to work alongside you too on 'Irfan'!