Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Irfan 'Post' (2)

At the moment, everything else sane has been suspended. I am editing all of 'Vasile's' scenes (a character from the film) first as the actor who plays his part of off to his home country for the summer. As by then I will probably be finished editing the rest of the film, I do not want to be left without him. Why? Dubbing...ah yes, the bane of every director's life.

A lot of the sound, particularly for my internal scenes is actually pretty good. Most of the externals (like any film set) is a write-off.

See this link for the film Lord of War. Head to the 2 minute mark, when the two characters are on the beach. Yep, that was all dubbed. According to the director, the original sound was unusable because they were filming, well, next to a beach.

So the rest of this week will be a race to make sure I have Christian's voice on my computer, so I can add him into the post-mix...after all, why I may have not shot next to a beach, I was shooting next to the South Circular...

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