Tuesday, 29 June 2010

London Diary (24)

She giggled.

So I bit her shoulder.

I knew what was going to come next.

'Ouch, that hurts!'
'You weren't complaining earlier!'
'I, was distracted.'

She giggled again, and I smiled too.

It was a hot night, but a draft came in through the window. Below us lay an alleyway that backed onto the kitchen of a Chinese Take Away. The scent of Chow Mein and Curry Sauce wafted up into the air. I suddenly felt peckish.

'You hungry?'
'Mmm, not really.'
'Well, unlike you, I've been busy.'
'Doing what?'
'Oh, I don't know, keeping a woman happy.'

She chuckled.

'Don't try to achieve the impossible in one night.'

She was smart. And beautiful. Unusual too, but in a good way.

You see, the funny thing is that the dynamic changes in that she is a lot older than me. None of this prattling about with text messages and elusive hidden meanings behind every spoken word. The relationship becomes a lot more raw, blunt. And sexual. There is an obvious kinetic energy that sprung up when we first met. Instantaneous. Passionate. And bossy. Yeah, the power play was most definitely one sided. No point trying to be the the man. She was in charge and I just had to accept it. And it was refreshing. To be told what was good and what was bad in plain, uncompromising, terms.

I gently tapered my finger along the small of her back. She did not resist. No matter what or where she is from, every woman is still a girl underneath the years of experience that wears her down. Marriage, motherhood, pain, suffering, jealousy and worry all leave their mark.

Most of the time, it is us, the men, that have caused their woes. And still, underneath all that resilience, all that coping mechanism, there is something fragile about any woman. Sometimes it is plain for all the world to see, sometimes it is hidden behind the lines of grief that life has struck upon them. But every woman possesses an energy that no man can attain. They are born with this. It is subtle and yet brilliant in its manifestation.

I looked at her now as she gazed up at the ceiling. And for a brief moment I saw it in her eyes. Distracted from her cares. There was no husband, no children, no mortgage, to think about. She looked up at the light bulb. 12W of fluorescent energy lit up the spaces, but kept the corners of the room dark. And there was something in her eyes that went beyond the thoughts of this life, her life or even this moment. Something timeless, beyond my reach or understanding. We men try to attain infinity, but really it is women who perceive the timeless quality of existence. While we struggle for tomorrow, they live for today, allowing the our half of humanity to reach our destination.

She suddenly turned her head towards me. And smiled. She was back to reality. To where we were. Lying together, enjoying a brief moment. An interlude from life. While the rest of the city shuffled along its business in the streets below us...


magiceye said...

that was beautiful!

re your comment on my travel blog
i wish it was me going on that super trip! but this was written as part of a contest :(

Asad said...

Top cookie posts, CMD...top cookie...

el director! said...

@magiceye - a shame, i wish you were te lucky one travelling, there would have been some great pics.

@asad - i need to see some of your work - pronto!