Sunday, 27 June 2010


When there is nothing else to blog about, then write about one thing. The weather!

Isn't it glorious! The sun, the heat, the fine blue skies. As predicted, after 2 weeks of sunshine, drought orders are in place throughout the country. In a week's time, we will find the roads melting and power cables failing while at the end of the month, when the storms finally hit the UK, we will be overwhelmed with the levels of water on the streets. Air con unit sales are through the roof and people are looking like lobsters, deluged by this sudden wave of heat.

Except...30C is not that hot. Sure, it is nice, very nice, but not very hot. It is still cold at night (trust me on this) and the fact that 30C for many other parts of the world is laughable.

Yes, it is obvious that we in the UK cannot cope with the heat. Except for me. You will not hear one ounce of complaint from me. Instead, I will be firing up the BBQ and enjoying the summer sun on two wheels!

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