Tuesday, 1 June 2010

(Time Out)

First of all, this blog will be getting patchy over the next month. Filming is upon me, and so what I do on these pages will be getting a little thin. Needless to say by the middle of June, normal service (almost daily levels of blogging) will resume on this web page.

So to amuse yourselves while I dive under the radar for a bit, here are some links to this blog (and others) to keep yourself occupied over the next couple of weeks:

1) Caution Wet Paint: The Comic Strip - A whole host of fun and frolics from London's craziest double act!

2) Crossings of the River Thames - look back at the thirty crossings in London so far done and shockingly, only three left to go!

3) India and India 2 - I went twice last year and I am already planning this year's sojourn to this wonderful country!

4) London Diary - A series of short stories I began this year for three months. Surprisingly close to reality...

5) Zelda - I am a compie game freak, but this blog has been surprisingly low on one particular game Zelda. Surprising, as this game has and continues to be (sadly) a big part of my existence. And I am meant to be 30...


magiceye said...

best wishes in your filming venture!!

Ana said...

Thank you! Enjoy your time off as well, hasta la vista :)