Monday, 5 July 2010

Grotty, really grotty

My tea tastes like slop, the biscuits are stale and my head is sore. No, I have not been drinking, but as ever, life feels unclean and tiresome. Welcome to the world of the new busy.

Ugh, when will I learn that my body can no longer take this abuse!

So I need rest and relaxation, but I cannot seem to do that successfully. I am always up and about but somehow always morose. Yesterday was the perfect example of my degenerative state. And yet, why does sleep elude me so much. It is not the getting to bed bit that is a problem, it is the getting up. I can never enjoy a lie in. My temperament will not allow it.


Must try harder. Or should that read, must try less? How do you achieve the pleasure of a simple lie-in, just rolling around in the bed sheets, allowing life to pass you by? I can get very envious of some people who can seemingly achieve this with such ease.

Feeling less grotty, tea consumed, but bloody tired, still.

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