Monday, 26 July 2010

The Motorcycle Diaries (2)

My baby, in all its glory!

Getting on a bike in the UK is not that hard, but also needs a little bit of planing. In terms of cash, it is not as expensive as a car (relative to earnings) and the running costs are very low.

First of all, I got to get road legal. That means a CBT. Tricky, but thank goodness it exists. Then finding a bike, getting it insured, making sure it is taxed and MOT'd before finally, riding the roads. A helmet is essential (as well as legal) as well as peripherals such as gloves and jackets.

All in all, you can get kitted out with a second hand bike for less than £1,000 (for me, it was a lot less). If you want to go brand new, it will cost you £2,000. This is a manual bike. Remember, if choosing a scooter, it is a lot cheaper (and easier to ride), but I wanted a proper 125 as eventually, when I go for the test, I want to be able to ride any motorbike.

So, watch this space, for my latest adventures on two wheels!


magiceye said...

have fun!

el director! said...

@magiceye - more fun than i ever imagined!