Saturday, 17 July 2010

Patterns in the Sand (1) - Advertising

It is always the same. Come New Year's we have the Post-Xmas guilt trips about dieting and giving up cigarettes kicks in while the government sponsors courses on 'drink awareness'.

Next is Valentine's day. Spend like crazy, or your loved one will hate you. Fact. There will be a romantic movie in the cinema which you are obliged to see even though it is filled with vomit.

Of course Easter follows. Ah yes, book your holiday in the sunshine. That most important event of the year. Two weeks where you can booze like crazy while you lock up the kids in a play pen for the day. The joys of family life!

Oh, but now summer is here. Time for you to look in shape. That means eat breakfast cereal!

Then in six weeks time comes the Christmas period! Oh yes, a quarter of a year devoted to the most 'wonderful time' of the year. We do it for the kids, is the normal excuse, but really we do it for the credit card companies.

And come January, we need to lose a bit of weight from the Christmas period...

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