Thursday, 29 July 2010

Popcorn Tales

I was at the movies yesterday...

A good film, enjoyed it thoroughly, and the hype justified the movie.

But anyway, my friend suggested sweet and salty popcorn.

Wait a minute.

We in the UK (Like many movie things) do not do cinema snacks properly.

Go to the USA. They have hot popcorn, with lashings of butter. Chunky and cheesy nachos. Big, chunky hot dogs.

Or go to India. A diabetic's fantasy, with sweets and nibbles to fulfill any man's desire.


Back in the UK we have snacks that can cost more than the cinema ticket. And those snacks are awful. Dry and stale popcorn. Packet sweets that have no bearing on childhood memories. And awful post mix soft drinks. The whole thing makes you sick.

But the film was good...

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