Saturday, 10 July 2010

Trek Season Finale - DS9 Season 2 - The Jem'Hadar

Ah, what the hell - Let me do another Star Trek post!


Season finales of Trek shows are always important events. They set the tone for the next series, sum up the best bits of the preceding episodes.

Often they can be cliff hangers. A good way to keep the audience hooked. They are filled with special effects and twists and turns. But for me, one of the best season finales came at the end of Deep Space Nine's second season.

Let me get this straight, most of DS9 before Season 3 was pretty unwatchable. There were gems, but you could safely skip through a lot of the bumpf that was broadcast. A lot of crossovers and campiness meant that it was awful.

There were gems in the first two seasons of this Trek incarnation that showed promise. Battle Lines, the magnificent Duet, In the Hands of the Prophet. The beginning of Season 2 was captivating along wih the return to the mirror universe.

But let me get back to Season 2's finale. For me, this is when you could say that Deep Space Nine really kicked off. It found the confidence to stand up on its own and to eventually kick ass. Let us look at the subtext here, this was when the Enterprise (okay, a clone of one, but still) was destroyed. Hello! One obvious message - Kirk or Picard would have been flattened but not The Sisko!

And this was the episode where The Dominion was really introduced. The remaining five seaaons were influenced by the events in this episode, and without it, we would not have had the whole Dominion War nor the host of characters and stories that accompanied it.

It may be overlooked in terms of greatness, but the influence of this season finale reaches far beyond the stars...

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