Sunday, 4 July 2010

Wicked vs Catty

I like wicked people.

Not bad people. Wicked. Someone with a sense of mischief. Like a person who likes his or her food and does not give a hoot about what is being consumed.

What I do not like is cattiness. Bitchiness. Usually because someone is forcing a diet on themselves.

A sense of humour is always attached to wicked peoople.

Bad people just brood and plot.

A sense of spontaneity exists with wickedness. No such thing comes from bad. Wicked comes from impulse, reflex. While cattiness is planned with intricate detail and executed to maximise pain.

For example, when you see an advert on the television that states, fancy a break without children (then cue film footage of coffin dodgers who want free healthcare on the NHS). That is catty. While something like kids are good with ketchup is wicked. Funny, smart and witty. Naughty, but implies a love of life.

Anyhow, enough philosophy of the human kind. Time I went out to enjoy the summer sun...